Glamping: What is it?

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One day, Richard Desjardins asked, “Do you need a five stars hotel, when there are 5 billion of them in the sky?” 

Personally, some time ago, I probably would have answered “Yes”. Despite my youth and my capacity for adaptation, I haven’t been a very fan of camping. Indeed, I used to find many excuses to avoid sleeping in a tent, in a caravan, or in a camper-van for a weekend. Even though I have always appreciated nature and quiet places, I always needed a minimum of comfort, a sofa, and a private bathroom… Many people before me made the same acknowledgment… For a long time, there were no alternatives between standard camping-accommodations and classical accommodations like hotels. 

And then, in 2007, a brand new concept appeared: the Glamping.


Again, what does Glamping mean?

Simply, a combination between  “Glamour” and “Camping”

But in actual facts? 

Camping has known many major changes since its first appearance. Its ascent, according to certain researchers, it’s a direct answer to the urbanization and industrial revolution that started in the XVIIIth century.

The tent is highly practical but is also known to be the less comfortable way to camp. Then, in the middle of the XXth century, thanks to the existence of cars and its carrying capacity, the option of taking your tent to go on holidays became way more practical and comfortable. The camping-lovers could now carry more stuff with them and increase their holiday time. Nevertheless, it still stays rudimentary but it’s sufficient to find authenticity during holidays. 

We witnessed the great developpement and upcoming popularity of the caravan between 1990 and 2000. The comfy side of holidays became more and more important and it is still rising even today! It took us to the famous and luxurious outdoor-accommodations: the Glamping. 

In my opinion, it has become a new hype. It’s a new kind of lodging, more expensive than classical camping but tailor-made and comfier. We already saw teepees, treehouses, bubble-houses, and other new unusual kinds of accommodation. No communal toilets, a private Jacuzzi and an accommodation that appears to be designed by a modern architect, it cannot be beautiful enough!

In Glamping, you can find all the things you need, serenity, spacious rooms, a good bed, and multiple conveniences like in hotels. Touristic stays in nature or alongside the sea, Glamping makes it become a whole new experience.

Glamping was initially not something that appealed to the original campers, those who usually travelled with their tent or caravan. However, these former campers may be tempted by this new experience and take the leap, and we are seeing more and more people testing glamping accommodations! Others, who usually book a hotel room through or Airbnb platforms, will also be willing to test out a well-equipped lodge. This type of accommodation that we find on the coast, for example, is very popular by families because of its ecological and comfortable aspect. It arouses everyone’s curiosity. In 2013 the number of overnight stays rose by 18.5% and the following year by almost 30% among our German and Austrian colleagues.


In 2019, more than half of the vacationers wanted to be involved in sustainable tourism. Indeed, the level of expectation in terms of ecological innovations is rising, again and again, glampers are looking for a unique and practical experience while safeguarding the environment. It also appeals to people living in the city who will have the impression of going on an adventure and escaping the hectic pace.

To follow this hype and to stay in the same atmosphere, Viglamo – Domaine presqu’île de la Franqui settled their “lodges” right next to the mediterranéean sea.

Located between the pond of La Palme, La Franqui’s cliff, and obviously the sea, this carfree glamping site is a true little paradise. The Viglamo experience is a return to Mother Nature, a wellness feeling at each moment.

With glamping, we want to go beyond dreams, and create special moments that will not be soon forgotten. There is a relaxed and unique atmosphere, the desire to generate pleasure and arouse the wonder of customers.

Spend your holidays at Viglamo’s domain to create imperishable memories in which humanity is essential. Each customer is unique and their full satisfaction is the staff’s priority number one. The Domaine Presqu’île de La Franqui is a true seal of quality accommodations and tailor-made services. The lodge and the entire domain are made with high-grade materials, to respect Viglamo’s moral values. 

The Domain suggests luxurious lodges in which nature is respected and put forward: the Tent lodges are offering all the comfort you need, or Majestic ones with a sea-view, room-service and private jacuzzi.  To maintain the calm in the domain, we decided that no motorized vehicles are allowed inside. No worries, high-security parking spots are available for our customers. This place is an excellent example of innovations and ecological responsibility. Eco-Lodges, for example, are very well isolated. It keeps the heat out as much as possible on a hot summer day. Once winter arrives and it is nice and warm inside, it retains the heat very well.

The 26th of March 2021, the domain reopens its doors for a season that promises to be rich! What surprises will the #ViglamoFamily have in mind for you this year? Between the wellness area, eco-responsible lodges, the magnificent environment and the Natura 2000 protected area, come and discover (or rediscover) VIGLAMO, Domaine Presqu’île de La Franqui, where Glamping makes you happy!

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