Viglamo : noble materials for handmade product

Viglamo opened his doors in june 2019. A life project of 1 person that has become the project of the entire Viglamo family. The Viglamo Family gathers all the members of the team who invested in this beautiful project, and helped or are still helping every day to improve this place and its services. Not to forget, our guests are a part of this family, too!


Our glamping guests have consciously opted for an original holiday. The domain fits perfectly with the flora and fauna of the area and of course the beach called “La plage des Coussoules”. The wooden lodges blend in perfectly with the landscape. The unique and tailor-made creations of our “magiciens” embellish and enhance the image of Viglamo.

The Viglamo brand strives to be a frontrunner and progressive company at the level of excellence. Unique glamping holidays in nature, optimal well-being for our guests and tailor-made services. The brand’s philosophy is defined by the following criteria: 


  • Total respect for the environment and the surrounding area, the beach directly in front of the campsite and the surrounding nature are registered as Natura 2000 areas. A network that aims to bring together the most special natural land and sea areas of the European Union to protect its flora and fauna.
  • The integration of the lodges and the buildings in the surrounding. The lodges are completely made of wood and perfectly blend in between the large pine trees on the glamping. All installations are made of noble materials..  

If all lodges and buildings are made of noble materials, then of course the rest cannot be left behind! That is why we often choose “du fait maison”, literally translated “home-made”.

But what does “home-made” mean?

The installation is created by A to Z in our rooms. Our magical technicians Ricko, Cédric, Florian and the entire team work in the Viglamo’s workshop. 

It is in this place that the magic begins. To offer a tailored service to our customers, furniture is created and installed in our different lodges, depending on the capacity of the reception and the domain’s position. 

To be sure that our customers enjoy their lodges in total privacy, we want to limit the “vis-à-vis”. It’s there that our little hands come in action. Ricko, the creative brain, has no restrictions. He starts to draw his idea and makes a handmade “brise-vue”. He only uses wood for the conception. The most precise work starts : draws and measures. Photoshop can be used to help cutting out the furniture’s images that are already existants. Then, he sculpts the source materials, most of the time the planks or the floated wood. Finally, the artisans screw the different parts together. 

The only part remaining is to organize everything!

It can be a sunbathing, a sculpture, a trophy for the winner of Viglamo Koh-Lanta, the front of the lodges or even entire terraces, the Viglamo’s magicians can do everything to adapt furniture at our domain, and at the environment which welcomes us! 

The wood’s orders are sent to Roux, a carpentry, specialised in the distribution of source materials of quality, and engaged in a volunteer and environmental policy. The materials will always be tailored in wood. The floated wood found directly on the beach will be used to create beautiful objects like sculptures, signs, decoration… 

Like Antoine Lavoisier would (probably) say:

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”

The Presqu’île de la Franqui domain is made to welcome you and your loved one in the best conditions. You will feel like you’re at home! This feeling is present from your reservation. 

Don’t hesitate anymore, you are a part of our Family. Glamping makes happy!

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