Leucate Plongée, diving in the sea

Leucate Plongée, located in Port Leucate in the heart of the Aude seaside resort, cordially invites you to immerse yourself in the underwater world. Their dive centre offers a variety of activities that rival the vast expanses of the sea, and it becomes your personal aquatic oasis.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for an introductory experience or a seasoned diver, their range of opportunities caters for everyone, from the very young to adults. Discover the secrets of the sea to the rhythm of the waves. Whether it’s early morning or starlight, Leucate Plongée can adapt to your needs!

Come and join the diving club and take part in the immersive experience. Every day of the week, their doors are open to welcome you, except Sundays, when they give the waters a break to catch their breath. Or consider the exciting adventure of becoming a professional instructor through their specialist courses.

More than just a centre, Leucate Plongée is a passionate community. Join forces with them to create unforgettable memories, woven together in the depths of the sea…

Discover the Mediterranean funds

Another way to discover the Mediterranean landscape.

The wealth of the seabed

Go with your family to admire the richness of underwater flora and fauna.

An unforgettable experience

An exceptional and unforgettable experience.